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Thanks for this article and perspective. It reminds me of Johann Hari's recent book, Stolen Focus. Highly recommend. He explores the vital resource of attention in depth, from personal, societal, and historical lenses.

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Good article.

editorial comment:

"activists have taken a different tact" the word you are looking for here is tack--deriving from sailing (sailing across the wind in order to sail into the wind to your objective).

Sorry, I am an English teacher and my inner editor sometimes gets out of control.

That being said:

One of your more interesting observations here is how our culture turns societal/cultural/complex issues into issues of "personal responsibility."

Doing so:

1) Greatly simplifies the issue (because many cannot or do not wish to deal with the complexity);

2) Turns the simplified thing into a useful political tool;

3) Absolves those not actually engaged/involved in a direct sense of any responsibility/culpability.

Then we couple this with "radical acceptance." which then also absolves those who have problems of responsibility/agency.

I will be the first to admit that I do not live a healthy life. I eat far too many things that are bad for me. I do not get enough exercise. A big part of that is my fault (because I do have the money and time to eat better and exercise more).

There are too many people who do not have the time and money (which is another part of our larger problem).

Unless or until people and politicians are willing to engage with the reality of these things instead of fobbing them off through "personal responsibility" or "radical acceptance" I do not think we will make much progress.

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This article spoke to me directly today. As a 6 yr vegetarian and thinking about impact to the enivroment... I really hope Putin doesn't go that route in the coming days, weeks or months. I agree that food and lifestyle are not an either/or problem. #standwithUkraine

Stephanie Grimes


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We have to improve on the metric of only 1 in 5 adult Americans getting some form of regular exercise. Doing so would also lower the emotional temperature in this country.

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When it comes to "privation" don't forget the "entertainment of ..." and add all those horrid reality shows where folks drop themselves in horrific, wild environments to starve and torture themselves and each other just to win a prize.

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